insulin patch for blood sugar control

BSC Patch 083115

A joint North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina research study project intends to change insulin injections with an insulin patch.

Dr. Zhen Gu, a teacher at the institutions’ Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, states the job intends making providing insulin autonomous for individuals.

“Basically we developed this kind of so-called smart insulin patch, which can reduce the blood sugar level level and also release insulin at the right time only when the blood glucose goes up. As well as the insulin can be swiftly launched from the spot. And meanwhile once the blood glucose subside to a normal range, much less insulin is launched or is just inhibited. Generally this type of smart insulin patch is not just clever, it is additionally pain-free,” Gu claims.

For the 21 million Americans detected with diabetes and the more than 387 million globally affected by the condition, insulin injections and affixed insulin pumps might become things of the past.

Gu and also others at the laboratory found a way to match greater than ONE HUNDRED microneedles into the patch, which is less than the dimension of a cent. Each microneedle is fulled of insulin as well as enzymes that can tell when blood glucose levels change.

“Basically we created this kind of product – a polymer-based material, which can be sensitive to blood sugar level modifications,” Gu states. “We are aiming to imitate the performance of the beta cells or the blisters inside the beta cells and they could interfere with as soon as the blood sugar level rises and also launch insulin swiftly.”.

Currently the patch works for approximately nine hrs, according to a current research, yet Gu wishes they could make it to last for numerous days.

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